Hide and Seek & Wiggle!

Hide and Seek & Wiggle!

by Taro Gomi
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hide and seekHide and Seek:  Young readers will delight in discovering funny objects hiding in plain sight.  Each spread begins with a question: Which giraffe hides candles?  The four giraffes each have yellow spots along their long, long necks.  They all have bright, alert eyes and short antlers on their head.  So where could those candles be?  Oh, I see them, one pair of antlers are not antlers at all.

I like this board book.  Young children will need to focus to find the odd animal that has an item for a body part.  Kids just learning to count, can use Hide and Seek to count to twelve.  The book starts with two roosters and increases in number by one until the last pages holds twelve children, one of which is hiding a fork and spoon.

wiggleWiggle!:  In this board book, several animals are missing some important part of their anatomy.  Using a finger, it is the child’s job to become that missing part and complete the animal.  For example, a sleek kitty is walking and wiggling his tail, but where is the tail?  The tail is the child’s finger, placed through the hole in the book, which is right where the kitty’s tail should be.  Once the kitty has a tail, it is time to wiggle it around making Wiggle both a game and a book.  I think toddlers will love playing with this book.

Wiggle is a cute idea, helping children learn different animals and how the animal might move an essential body part.  I think toddlers will love playing with this book.  The unique board book makes the young child part of the illustration.  It is sure to produce lots of giggles when they wiggle their fingers to replace beaks, fangs, and noses among other animal parts.

Hide and Seek crocodile spread snag

Acclaimed author and illustrator Taro Gomi, has made two delightful board books for young children.  Kids will love finding the hidden objects in Hide and Seek and wiggling their finger to imitate an animal’s tail, tongue, or trunk in Wiggle.  These strong board books are made for little hands. Children can learn to count and begin to recognize different animals.  Hide and Seek and Wiggle are great books for the youngest children.  I know they will each one.




Taro Gomi


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