Short Reviews

Adventures of Caramel Cardamom,The #2: Return to Cardamom  2013 by Julie Grasso & David Blackwell

Al and Teddy 2013 by Neil Waldman – Dream Yard Press

An Honest Boy, Un hombre sincero (English and Spanish Edition) 2013 by Magdalena Zenaida – SP

Blucy 2013 by Julia Dweck & Erika LeBarre – SP

Charlie Bumpers vs the Teacher of the Year 2013 by Bill Harley & Adam Gustavson – Peachtree Publishers

Dragons of Pan Gu,The 2013 by Kevin White & Rex White – Chimeric Press

Hide and Seek 2013  by Taro Gomi – Chronicle Books

Horatio’s New Home  2013 by Pam Newman & Michelle Holland – Penn Press

Lion vs. Rabbit 2013 by Alex Latimer – Peachtree Publishing

Molly Goes to Preschool 2012 by Cynthia Andrews & Floyd Yamyamin – Author House (SP)

The Monster in the Mudball: An Artifact Inspector Book 2013 by S.P. Gates – TU Books (Lee & Low Books)

My Uncle Rob 2008 by Steve Sandler & Rob Cunningham

Rose in the Desert, A 2011 by Chi Emerole & Ryan Durney

Sea Monster and the Bossy Fish 2013 by Kate Messner & Andy Rash – Chronicle Books

Smidgen of Sky, A 2012 by Dianna Dorisi Winget – Harcourt Children’s Books

Smurfs,The #15: The Smurflings 2013 by Peyo – Papercutz

Tales from the Coins #1: Jake and Alex & The Holy Leap 2013 by Marc Zelinsky & Rick Sargent

TouchThinkLearn:  Colors  2013 by Xavier Deneux – Chronicle Books

TouchThinkLearn: Opposites 2013 by Xavier Deneux – Chronicle Books

Very Big Carrot, The 2013 by Satoe Tone

Wiggle! 2013 by Taro Gomi – Chronicle Books

Yell and Shout, Cry and Pout: A Kid’s Guide to Feelings 2013 by Peggy Kruger-Tietz & Rebecca Layton


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