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Abdullah, Shaila – My Friend Suhana
Adams, Diane – Two Hands to Love You
Adams, Jennifer – Edgar and the Tattle-Tale Hear
AF Venable, Colleen – Fish You Were Here
Agra Deely, Carmen – 
Aiken, David & Zora – All About Boats:  A to Z
Aikens-Nuñez, Talia – OMG . . . Am I a Witch!?
Allabach, P. R. – Dragon and Captain
Allen, Susan – Remarkable Ronald Reagan.The: Cowboy and Commander in Chief
Almond, David – Boy Who Swam with Piranhas, The 
Alvarez, Jennifer Lynn – Pet Washer, The
Alvarez, Jennifer Lynn – Starfire (The Guardian Herd #1)
Alvarez, Jennifer Lynn – Stormbound (The Guardian Herd #2)
Anderson, T. A. – Colt Humboldt and the Close of Death
Andrews, Cynthia – Molly Goes to Preschool
Arndt, Michael – Cat Says Meow: And Other Animalopoeia
Arnold, Laurie B. – Hello There, We’ve Been Waiting for You!
Aronson, Deborah – Where’s My Tushy?
Artell, Mike – Skulls

Ball, Liz – Hidden Treasures: 50 States of Fun
Baptiste, Tracy – The Jumbie God’s Revenge
Barbieri, Gladys Elizabeth – Pink Fire Trucks – Los camiones de bomberos de color Rosado
Barnett, Mac – Leo: A Ghost Story
Barnett, Mac – Sam & Dave Dig a Hole
Barto, Terry John – Gollywood Here I Come!
Barto, Terry John – Nickerbacher, the Funniest Dragon
Bayless, Julie – ROAR!
Bearce, Stephanie – Pirates and Buried Treasure (Top Secret Files)
Beavers, Ethen- Batman is Brave!
Beavers, Ethen – Superman Fights for Truth!
Bee, William – Stanley the Builder
Bee, William – Stanley’s Diner
Bee, William – Stanley’s Garage
Beebe, Katy – Brother Hugo and the Bear
Berne, Emma Carlson – Totally Wacky Facts about Space
Berne, Jennifer – On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein
Bertman, Jennifer Chambliss – Book Scavenger
Besel, Jen – Custom Confections: Delicious Desserts You Can Create and Enjoy!
Bildner, Phil – Marvelous Cornelius: Hurricane Katrina and the Spirit of New Orleans
Binkow, Howard –  Howard B. Wigglebottom and Manners Matters
Bird, Benjamin – Catwoman Counting (DC Board Books)
Bird, Benjamin – There’s a Mouse Hiding in this Book!
Bliss, Ryan T. – Mooseclumps and Other Poems
Bowen, Fred – Double Reverse
Boyd, Lizi – Flashight
Boyle,  Jacqueline – Can’t Wait to Show You: A Celebration for Mothers-to-Be
Bracken, Beth – Wizard of Oz, The
Brandt, Lois – Maddi’s Fridge
Bray, Gregory E. – Tail of a Boy Named Harvey
Breisacher, Cathy – Petunia Pepper’s Picture Day
Briley, Gordon –  New Friendships (Adventures of Lily & Ava, The #1)
Bronstein, M. J. – PhotoPlay! Doodle. Design. Draw.
Brown, Alison – Eddie and Dog
Browne, Chris – The Monster Who Ate the State
Brown, Tiffany M. – Gallery Eleven Twenty-Two
Bryant, Megan E. – Dump Truck Duck
Burgan, Michael  – Korean War: An Interactive Modern History Adventure, The (You Choose Books)
Burk, Rachelle – Don’t Turn the Page
Burke, Zoe – Charley Harper’s Animal Alphabet
Burke, Zoe – Charley Harper’s Count the Birds 
Burke, Zoe – Charley Harper’s Book of Colors

Cali, Davide – Funny Thing Happened on the Way to School…
Cali, Davide – I Didn’t Do My Homework Because…
Cannon, Sherrill S. – My Fingerprint Masterpiece
Cano, Felipe – Bonjour Camille
Capetanopoulos, Demetri – Ned the Nuclear Submarine
Carestio, Michael A. – Cousins and Robbers: Tales of Black Jack Jetty
Carnavas, Peter – Blue Whale Blues
Carpinello, Cheryl – King’s Ransom,The
Caswell,  Deanna – Beach House
Cazet, Denys – Minnie & Moo: Hooves of Fire
Chapman, Clay McLeod – Camp Cannibal (The Tribe,  #2) 
Chaud, Benjamin – Bear’s Sea Escape,The
Chaud, Benjamin – Bear’s Song, The
Chaud, Benjamin – Bear’s Surprise, The
Chaud, Benjamin – Farewell Floppy
Chen, Cheryl – Thing about Things, The
Cherry-Brown, Rene –
Chow, Marie – Because Dragons Love Milk
Cleary, Brian – —full and —less, —er and —ness: What is a Suffix?
Cleary, Brian – If It Rains Pancakes: Haiku and Lantern Poems
Cleary, Brian – Six Sheep Sip Thick Shakes
Cohon, Rhody – Lucky Phoo
Colasse,Sonia –  Enzo and the Little Lamb (The Adventures of Enzo #12)
Columbus, Chris – House of Secrets,The: #1
Columbus, Chris –  Battle of the Beasts  (House of Secrets #2)
Cooper, Floyd – Juneteenth for Mazie
Corn, Tori – Dixie Wants an Allergy
Cronin, Doreen – The Trouble With Chickens
Crozon, Alain – All Shook Up!
Crozon, Alain – Who’s There?
urto, Rose M.Draw the Magic Red Fairy
Czajak, Paul – Monster Needs a Costume (Monster & Me #1)
Czajak, Paul – Monster Needs His Sleep  (Monster & Me #2)
Czajak, Paul – Monster Needs a Christmas Tree  (Monster & Me #3)
Czajak, Paul – Monster Needs a Party (Monster & Me #4)
Czajak, Paul – Monster Needs Your Vote (Monster & Me #5)

Dahl, Michael – Bedtime for Batman (DC Super Heroes)
Dahl, Michael – Goodnight Baseball (Sport Illustrated Kids)
Dahl, Michael – Goodnight Football (Sport Illustrated Kids)
Dahl, Michael – Goodnight Hockey (Sport Illustrated Kids)
Daly, Niki – Little Artists Books Box Set (Carlos-Mondi-Niki-Ruby)
DeCristoforo, Jennifer –
Lucky Bamboo Books of Crafts
Degman, Lori – Cock-a-Doodle Oops! 
DePalma, Mary Newell – Bow-Wow, Wiggle Waggle
DePalma, Mary Newell – Two Little Birds
Deutsch, Stacia – Lucky Phoo
Diesen, Deborah – The Not Very Merry Pout-Pout Fish
Dismondy, Maria – The Little Linebacker: A Story of Determination
Doan, Lisa – 
Jack the Castaway (The Berenson Schemes #1)
Doan, Lisa – Jack and the Wild (The Berenson Schemes #2)
Dumont, Jean-Francois Chickens Build a Wall, The
Durrant, Lynda – Ariel Bradley, a Spy for General Washington
Dweck, Julia Blucy
Dweck, Julia Jump! 
Paul Durham – The Luck Uglies (Luck Uglies #1)
Paul Durham – Fork-Tongue Charmers (Luck Uglies #2)

Ellis, Heather Sugary Sherburts, The 
Emerole, Chi Rose in the Desert,A
Esquivel, Eric – Fight the Future with Flavor! (Sanjay and Craig #1)
Edison, Erin – Blow it Up!
Edison, Erin – Crush It!
Edison, Erin Knock it Down!
Edison, Erin Shred It!
England, Kathryn – The Dream Dragon

Falkner, BrianMaddy West and the Tongue Taker 
Fischer, Ellen – If An Elephant Went to School
Fletcher, Ashlee – My Dog, My Cat
Foreman, Michael – I Love You, Too! 
Francois, Carol – Adventures of Sasha and Malia at the White House, The
Fuqua, J. ScottCalvert the Raven in the Battle of Baltimore  (Flying Through History: #1)

Ganz-Schmitt, Sue – Planet Kindergarten
Garton, Sam – Otter Loves Halloween
Ghigna, Charles – Cuddle Bunny
Gillingham, Sara – Busy Baby: Friends 
Gillingham, Sara – Busy Baby: Trucks
Gillingham, Sara – On My Beach
Glatzer, Jenna – George Ferris’ Grand Idea: The Ferris Wheel
Gomi, Taro Hide and Seek
Gomi, Taro – Wiggle!
Goode, Diane – Ninja Baby
Goodwin, Melissa Ann – Return to Canterbury
Grabenstein, Chris – Jacky Ha-Ha
Graham, Julie-Anne – Perfect Percival Priggs, The
Grasso, Julie Anne – Return to Cardamom  (Adventures of Caramel Cardamom #2)
Grasso, Julie  Anne – Frankie Dupont and the Mystery of Enderby Manor  (Frankie Dupont Mystery #1)
Grasso, Julie Anne – Frankie Dupont And The Lemon Festival Fiasco   (Frankie Dupont Mystery #2)
Grasso, Julie Anne – Frankie Dupont and the Science Fair Sabotage  (Frankie Dupont Mystery #3)
Grigsby, SusanWisteria’s Show and Tell Spectacular: Older than the Dinosaurs
Gullian, CharlotteThe Poodle and the Pea   (Animal Fairy Tales #1)
Gullian, CharlotteLittle Red Riding Duck   (Animal Fairy Tales #2)
Gullian, Charlotte – Pandarella   (Animal Fairy Tales #3)
Gullian, CharlotteThe Kitten Who Cried Dog   (Animal Fairy Tales #4)
Gullian, Charlotte Goldiclucks and the Three Bears   (Animal Fairy Tales #5)
Gunhus, Jeff

Hardy, Sarah Francis – Dress Me
Harley, Bill – Charlie Bumpers vs. the Really Nice Gnome
Harley, Bill – Charlie Bumpers vs the Teacher of the Year
Harley, Bill – Lost and Found
Hausman, Gerald Otter, the Spotted Frog & the Great Flood, The: A Creek Indian Story
Hoena, Blake – Building the Golden Gate Bridge (Engineering Marvels)
Hoguet, Susan Ramsay Maine ABC
Holmes, Katherine L. – Claude, a Dog of the Sixties
Holt, K. A. – Rhyme Schemer 
Hornsby, Christine
House, Silas Eli the Good
Hruby, Patrick – ABC is for Circus
Hyman, Zachary – The Bambino and Me

Idle, Molly – Flora and the Flamingo
Idle, Molly  Flora and the Penguin
Inglis, Craig – Lucky
Ingram-Brown, Daniel Rise of the Shadow Stealers  (The Firebird Chronicles #1)

Jaspar, Nat – Larry and Friends
Jenkins, Emily – Invisible Inkling
Johnson, Rebecca L. – When Lunch Fights Back: Wickedly Clever Animal Defense
Jones , Sarah – Black & White Nighty-Night
Jones , Sarah Bunnies Near and Far
Jones , Sarah Orange Triangle Fox
Jordan, Christopher – Baseball Animals (Major League Baseball: First Base Books)
Jordan, Christopher – Baseball Opposites (Major League Baseball: First Base Books)
Jules, Jacqueline – Never Say a Mean Word Again: A Tale from Medieval Spain

Kang, AnnaYou Are (Not) Small
Keffer, Ken – Secret Lives of Animals, The: 1,001 Tidbits, Oddities, & Amazing Facts
King, Bart – Big Book of Superheroes, The
Kirrane, Danielle – Fish Who Swam Too Far
Kitti, Marko – Jesper Jinx #1
Klise, Kate –  Till Death Do Us Bark  (43 Old Cemetery Road #3)
Klostermann, Penny Parker – There Was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight
Knife & Packer –  Rain Forest Rumble (WheelNuts! Craziest Race on Earth #5)
Kruger-Tietz, PeggyYell and Shout, Cry and Pout: Kid’s Guide to Feelings,A
Kunhardt, DorothyJunket is Nice
Kutzera, Dale –  Andy McBean and the War of the Worlds  (Amazing Adventures of Andy McBean, The, #1)

Laden, Nina – Daddy Wrong-Legs
Laden, Nina – Peek- Boo!
Laden, Nina – Peek-A Zoo!
Landau, Elaine – Ragdolls Are the Best!
Latham, Irene – Don’t Feed the Boy
Latham, Irene – Dear Wandering Wildebeest: And Other Poems from the Water Hole
Latimer, Alex – Lion vs. Rabbit
Latimer, Alex – Pig and Small
Lazar, Tara – Little Red Gliding Hood 
Lazar, Tara
The Monstore
LeBox, Annette Peace is an Offering 
Lee, JiHyeon – Pool
Lehman, Dana – A Lesson in Teasing (Adventures at Walnut Grove: #1)
Lehman, Dana – I Double Dare You!  (Adventures at Walnut Grove: #3)
Lehman, Dana – I Can Do It (Adventures at Walnut Grove: #3)
Lemke, Donald – Batman is Brave!
Lemke, Donald – Book-O-Beards (Wearable Books)
Lemke, Donald – Superman Fights for Truth! 
Lewis, J. Patrick – Bigfoot is Missing
Lierance, Suzanne – Lucky Baseball: My Story in a Japanese-American Internment Camp, The 
Light, Steve – Planes Go
Lo, Rich – Father’s Chinese Opera
Lucke, Deb – The Lunch Witch
Lyons, Maggie – Dewi and the Seeds of Doom
Lyons, Maggie – Vin and the Dorky Duet

Mack, Jeff – Ah Ha!
MacGregor, Roy – The Highest Number in the World
MacIver, Juliette – Toucan Can!
MacIver, Juliette – Yak and Gnu
Madan, Vikram – Bubble Collector, The
Manceau, Édouard – Hatch, Little Egg 
Mancuso, Jackie Clark – Paris-Chien: Adventures of an Ex-Pat Dog
Mann, Jennifer K. – I Will Never Get a Star on Mrs. Benson’s Blackboard
Manushkin, Fran – Katie Woo’s Big Idea Journal: A Place for Your best Stories, Drawings, and Plans
Manceau, Édouard – Race, The
Marceau, Fani – In This Book
Marcellino, Fred – Arrivedeci, Crocodile or See You Later, Alligator
March Melernon, Carol – 
Mason, Cherie – Wild Fox
Mason, Patience – Woodland Litter Critters ABC 
McCreedy, J. L. –  Liberty Frye and the Sails of Fate (Book 2)
McCreedy, J. L. – Liberty Frye and the Witches of Hessen
McLaughlin, Peter – Peter’s Big Heart
Merola, Caroline – Story Starts Here!
Merrill, Jean – The Pushcart War: 50th Anniversary Edition
Messner, Kate – How to Read a Story
Miller, Connie Colwell – Monster Knows I’m Sorry
Mills, Claudia – Zero Tolerance
Moore, Jodi – When a Dragon Moves In 
Moore, Jodi – When a Dragon Moves In Again
Moraja, Melissa Perry –  Josh and the Gumshoe News Crew: the Super-Secret (Wunderkind Family Series)
Moreau, Laurent – My Wild Family
Morris, Gerald –  Adventures of Sir Gawain the True, The (Knights’ Tales, The #3)
Murphy, C.L. – Lobo & Popo Fool the Pack  (The Adventures of Lovable Lobo, #1)
Murphy, C.L.Visits the Barnyard  (The Adventures of Lovable Lobo, #2)
Murphy, C.L. Lobo Finds Bigfoot  (The Adventures of Lovable Lobo, #3)
Murphy, C.L. – Lobo’s Howliday  (The Adventures of Lovable Lobo, #4)
Murphy, C.L. – Lobo Goes to the Galapagos  (The Adventures of Lovable Lobo, #5)
Muse, Angela – Cat Who Lost His Meow, The
Myers, Mark – Virgil Creech Takes a Swipe at Redemption
Myracle, Lauren – Shine

Nat. Geo Society & Nat. Geo Kids Magazine – National Geographic Kids Almanac 2016
Nesbitt, Kenn – Bigfoot is Missing 
Newman, Pam –  Horatio’s New House  (Adventures of Horatio Hedgehog #1)
Newman, Robin – Case of the Missing Carrot Cake,The
Nichols, Travis – Fowl Play
Noble, Wong – The Wishing Tree
Nordheilm-Woodridge, Connie
Nunn, Daniel – Eddie and Ellie’s Opposites
Nyikos, Stacy – Waggers

Oceanak, Karla –  Hotdogger  (An Aldo Zelnick Comic Novel Series #8)
Oceanak, Karla – Ignoramus   (An Aldo Zelnick Comic Novel Series (#9)
Oceanak, Karla – Jackpot   (An Aldo Zelnick Comic Novel Series #10)
Oceanak, Karla – Kerfuffle (An Aldo Zelnick Comic Novel Series (#11)
Oelschlager, Vanita – Don’t Dangle Your Participle
Oelschlager, Vanita – Knees
Ohi, Debbie Ridpath – Where Are My Books?
Ohi, Ruth – Chicken, Pig, And Cow’s First Fight
Olivera, Chase & Linda
Ormsbee, K. E. – Water and the Wild, The
Oskarsson, Bárður – Flat Rabbit

Page, Stefan – We’re Going to the Farmers’ Market
Palacio, R. J. – Wonder
Parker, Amy – Thank You, God, For Daddy 
Patten, Brian Can I Come Too?
Patterson, James – Jacky Ha-Ha
Pattison, Darci – Abayomi, the Brazilian Puma: The True Story of an Orphaned Cub
Pattison, Darcy – 11 Ways to Ruin a Photograph
Pattison, Darcy – Saucy and Bubba: A Hansel and Gretel Tale
Pearson, Carrie A. A Cool Summer Tail
Peot, Margaret – Crow Made a Friend (I Like to Read®)
Perrin, Clotilde – At the Same Moment, Around the World
Peyo – Red Taxis,The (Benny Breakiron #1)
Peyo – Madame Adolphine  (Benny Breakiron #2)
Peyo – Smurfs Anthology #1
Peyo – Smurflings,The  (Smurfs, The #15)
Phelan, Matt – Druthers
Phillips, Linda Vigen – Crazy
Phillips, Marita – Dream Dealer,The
Pinder, Eric – I’d Rather be Riding My Bike
Pinkwater, Daniel – Bear and Bunny
Pippin-Mathur, Courtney – Maya Was Grumpy
Platt, Chris – Wind Dancer
Player, Micah – Lately Lily: The Adventures of a Traveling Girl
Pokrus Toz, Karen – Nate Rocks the City
Pooker, J. D. Ifs,The
Prager, Ellen – The Shark Whisperer (Tristan Hunt and the Sea Guardians #1) 
Prager, Ellen – The Shark Rider (Tristan Hunt and the Sea Guardians #2)
Prager, Ellen – Stingray City (Tristan Hunt and the Sea Guardians #3)
Preussler, Otfried
 Krabat & the Sorcerer’s Mill
Purdie-Sales, Laura – A Leaf Can Be . . .

Quirk, Katie A Girl Called Problem

Raschka, Chris – Alphabetabum: An Album of Rare Photographs and Medium Verses
Ray, Jennifer – Jars of Hope
Reagan, George – Invasion has Begun, The! (Stinkbug Chronicles, The #1)
Reasoner, Charles – Let it Snow!
Reasoner, Charles – Magic Broom
Reasoner, Charles – Scaredy Cat
Reynolds, Aaron – Carnivores
Reynolds, Aaron – Here Comes Destructo-Saurus!
Rhode, Robert T. – Maggie Quick
Richard, Laurent – Pranks and Attacks! (Tao the Little Samurai #1)
Rissman, Rebecca – World War I (Why They Fought)
Rockliff, Mara  – Grudge Keeper, The
Roderick J.The Principal’s Son
Rodkey, Geoff –  Deadweather & Sunrise (Chronicles of Egg, The #1)
Rodkey, Geoff – New Lands  (Chronicles of Egg, The #1)
Rodkey, Geoff – Blue Sea Burning  (Chronicles of Egg, The #1)
Rodkey, Geoff – Tapper Twins, The Go to War (with each other)
Rosenthal, Amy Krouse – I Wish You More
Rueda, Claudia
 Is It Big or Is It Little?
Ruelle, Karen Gray – Bark Park
Russell, Natalie – Lost for Words

Salas, Laura Purdie – Water Can Be . . . 
Samoun. Abigail – What’s in Your Purse?
Sandler, Steve
My Uncle Rob
Savage, Annastaysia – Any Which Way
Savitz, Harriet May – Is Worry Worrying You?
Schmidt, Annie M.G. – Pond Full of Ink, A
Schmidt, Jillian and Max – I Love You Infinity 
Schoenfeldt, Niki Masse Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite
Schwartz, Betty – Busy Little Dinosaurs (Back-and-Forth Book)
Schwartz, Betty – Hop, Hop Bunny (Follow-Along Book)
Schwartz, Betty – My Barnyard! (A Read and Play Book)
Schwartz, Betty – My Dinosaurs! (A Read and Play Book)
Schwartz, Betty – Ten Playful Tigers (Back-and-Forth Book)
Schwartz, Roslyn – Splat!: starring the Vole Brothers
Schiffer, Miriam B. – Stella Brings the Family
Segal, Carol Francois and Peter – 
Adventures of Sasha and Malia at the White House, The
Segarra, Mercedes Fun Party Food: Little Chef Recipes
Seo, Kaila Eunhye – FRED
Serensin, Lynn – Busy Little Dinosaurs (Back-and-Forth Book)
Seresin, Lynn – Hop, Hop Bunny (Follow-Along Book)
Seresin, Lynn – My Barnyard! (A Read and Play Book)
Seresin, Lynn – My Dinosaurs!  (A Read and Play Book)
Seresin, Lynn – Ten Playful Tigers (Back-and-Forth Book)
Seymour, Jaye – Space Pirate Panic!  (Jake & Moon Granny)
Shaw, F. C. – Sherlock Academy
Sheilds, GillianLibrary Lily
Sheridan, Desta
Sierra, Judy – E-I-E-I-O: How Old MacDonald Got His Farm with a Little Help From a Hen
Sill, Cathryn – About Habitats: Forests
Sill, CathrynAbout Parrots: A Guide for Children
Silvey, Anita – Untamed: The Wild Life of Jane Goodall 
Siminovich, Lorena – You Are My Baby: Garden
Siminovich , Lorena – You Are My Baby: Ocean
Smith, Alex T. – Claude at the Beach
Simpson-Carducci, Barbara – 
Smith, E. K. – Mr. Evil Potato Man and the Food Fight! (Alien Dude! #2)
Snicket, Lemony – 
Snowe, Olivia –  Cassie and the Woolf   (Twicetold Tales)
Snyder, Betsy – I Can Dance
Snyder, Betsy – I Can Play
Sobey, Ed – Car Models That Go Zoom: Creativity in Motion
Somervell, Jennifer
New Old Truck, The
Sonneborn, Scott – Feet First & I for an Eye (Frankenstein Journals, The #1)
Spires, J. Steven – Three Little Shrimp 
Stabler, David – Kid Presidents: True tales of Childhood from America’s Presidents

Stanek, Linda – Once Upon an Elephant
Steve Stallman  – Bear’s Big Bottom
Stephens, Sarah Midway Monkey Madness
Stewart, Eleanor Y. – Maggie Quick
Stewart, Melissa – Beneath the Sun 
Stewart, Nancy
Bela Saves the Beach  (Britta and Bella Beach #3)
Stillabower, Paul – Lonely Crow, The
Stilton, Geronimo
Storie, Paul D.
Stower, Adam
 Slam!: A Tale of Consequences

Suddeth, Charles – Stone Man and the Trail of Tears

Summerhouse, William – Orion Poe and the Lost Explorer
Surovic, Yasmine
Swartout Klein, Carol – Painting for Peace in Ferguson
Swenson, Jamie A. – If You Were a Dog

Tak, Bibi Dumon
Tate,Don – Poet: The Remarkable Story of George Moses Horton
Terrell, Brandon – Caught Stealing (Jake Maddox Sports Stories)
Theule, Larissa Fat and Bones And Other Stories 
Thompson, Mary G. – Evil Fairies Love Hair
Thornton, D. S. – Scrap City
Tibbets, Anne – Shut Up
Tomecek, Steve – Dirtmeister’s Nitty Gritty Planet Earth
Tone, Satoe – The Very Big Carrot
Tornio, Stacey – Secret Lives of Animals, The: 1,001 Tidbits, Oddities, & Amazing Facts
Trent, John I’d Choose You 
Tsang, Evonne – My Boyfriend is a Monster #1: I Love Him to Pieces
Tullet, Herve – Let’s Play!
Tullet, Herve – Mix it Up!
Tullet, Herve – Let’s Play!
Tulloch, Stephan – The Little Linebacker: A Story of Determination

UpJohn, Rebecca

VanBouy, Simon
Vann, Tesha
ViiiZ – Photo Doodles: A Creative Sketchbook
Virján, Emma J. – What This Story Needs Is a Pig in a Wig!
Vizzini, NedHouse of Secrets,The
Vizzini, Ned – Battle of the Beasts (House of Secrets #2)
von Mol, Sine – Meena

Waldman, NeilAl and Teddy
Walker, Tonya & Chad
Ward, David
Warren, Jill – Abe’s Lucky Day
Washington, Chase & Davon – Jack the Boogey is My Real Name: the Truth About “The Boogeyman”
Watt, FrancesHeroes of the Year
Watts, Gillian
Wegenast, Bettina
Weibel,Erik The Adventures of Tomato and Pea, Book 1: A Bad Idea 
Weiner, Ellis
Weulersse, Odile Nasreddine
Whamond, Dave – Oddfrey Joins the Team
Wheeler, Lisa – Dino-Basketball
Wheeler, Lisa – Dino-Boarding
Whitaker, K. G. – Camp Covered Secrets
White, Ian – Magical Animals
White, Kevin – Dragons of Pan Gu,The
WIGU – Firefighter!  (When I Grow Up I Want to be . . . a)
WIGU – Teacher  (When I Grow Up I Want to be . . . a)
WIGU – U. S. Army  (When I Grow Up I Want to be . . . in the)
WIGU – U. S. Navy! (When I Grow Up I Want to be . . . in the)
WIGU – Veterinarian  (When I Grow Up I Want to be . . . a)
Willis, Jeanne – Boa’s Bad Birthday
Williamson, Karen
Wilson, Jesse
Wilson, Tony
Winget, Dianna DorisiSmidgen of Sky, A
Woelfle, Gretchen – Mumbet’s Declaration of Independence
Wolff, Ferida – Is Worry Worrying You?
Wolfson, Steve – Elephants at the Airport: Once Upon a Time in Zimbabwe
Wong, NobleThe Wishing Tree
Wray, Brian – Max’s Box


Yang, Yi Shaun – Pima Puppy and Pico Puppy Series (9 books)
Yoon, Salina Penguin on Vacation
Young, Timothy – 

Zachary, James – Jumping Jack
Zelinsky, Marc Tales From the Coins #1:  Jake and Alex and the Holy Leap
Zeltser,  David  – LUG: Dawn of the Ice Age
Zuckerman, Andrew – Creature Colors
Zuckerman, Andrew – Creature Numbers
Zoboli, Giovanna I Wish I Had
Zuchora-Walske, Christine  – We’re the Center of the Universe!: Science’s Biggest Mistakes About Astronomy and Physics (Science Gets It Wrong)
Zullo, Germano – 


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