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Not a publisher? Want a review? Have your Publisher Contact KLR or Send Publisher to this Site or read Section 2.

KLR ACCEPTS ONLY CHILDREN’S BOOKS FOR AGE 0—13.  No young adult or adult. Please NO DIGITAL BOOKS. (see #1 below)  *Non-Traditional Publishers please see second section.

TRADITIONAL PUBLISHERS* & PUBLICISTS ONLY: Please click HERE for information regarding sending a book(s) for review. Send a Press Release and a Prefered Date for Review to Post.

Important to Note: Books are reviewed as near release date as possible. If you want an earlier or later date, please let me know.

Books with illustrations:  Illustrations are needed for the review.
BOARD BOOKS:  2 spreads
PICTURE BOOKS: 2 to 3 full spreads.
CHAPTER/MIDDLE GRADE BOOKS: 3 individual illustrations (preferred), or the entire pages.

Book Tour Requests:  These are accepted as time permits. Please use contact form above to request participation. Please note interior spread/illustration request above.

∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞♦SECTION TWO♦∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞

Non-Publisher Review Requests*

*You are a Non-Publisher IF you are 1) submitting your own work, 2) publishing your own books,  and/or 3) publishing less than 5 authors with current releases.

1.  ONLY PHYSICAL COPIES ACCEPTED.  NO DIGITAL BOOKS Will accept a digital for illustration purposes only (see #3 below).  Books given to local schools and libraries, or used as giveaways.

2. RELEASE DATE:  published no later than one year from this year. For 2017: books must release in 2016 or 2017. Nothing from 2015 or earlier, without prior approval.

3.  MUST have: 

ISBN number
Clear Credit Page
Title Page Including Illustrator’s Name, if illustrated  (Both names belong on the cover.)

4. Books with illustrations:  Illustration reveals greatly improve success rates with reviews.

BOARD BOOKS:   2 interior spreads  (A spread is the left and right pages when book is open.)
PICTURE BOOKS:  2 or 3 interior spreads.
CHAPTER/MIDDLE GRADE BOOKS:  3 individual illustrations, illustrated pages, or spreads.

5. On the Contact Form (link below) please fill in requested information, (incomplete will be deleted from email.)

MUST be able to read text and see interior images on at least 2 spreads (four pages).

6. If in a hurry – EXPEDITED REVIEWS (FEE Based), on request (must be approved). Reviews can take a while to post due to a large number of requests. If you would like to speed up the wait, an expedited review can be requested. Number per month is limited. Please Note: Clock begins after everything, including payment, has been received NOT once accepted.

Board Books:  $20 (within 14 days)  $30 (within 7 days)
Picture Books:  $40 (within 14 days)  $60 (within 7 days)
Chapter Books:  $50 (within 14 days)  $75 (within 7 days)
Middle Grade Books:  $75 (within 14 days) $100 (if more than 350 pages)

7. Once the book and illustrations (if applies), are received your book will be placed in the schedule queue. 

8.   KLR  retains the right of refusal based on poor punctuation, grammar, editing, formatting, readability, or other such reason. (see #2 above)  A REVIEW IS NOT GUARANTEED.

Donate Button   NEW! Donations are welcome. Expedited Fees: DO NOT PAY UNTIL ACCEPTED. (All fees & donations benefit KLR not CS Pets–this is an old moniker Paypal will not change.)

CONTACT FORM TO REQUEST REVIEW  Please do not ask when your review will post.



Reviews are COPYRIGHT PROTECTED and may not be posted or reprinted without the written consent of Kid Lit Reviews, except by the Publisher, Author, Illustrator, or PR Firm involved with the publisher, author, or illustrator.

Please use proper attribution and MUST link back to the original post. YES, I DO CHECK.

ARCs are never sold but might use as prizes in contests and giveaways, or sent to another reviewer.

Books & Merchandise:    Become the property of KLR and used accordingly.  Books are generally donated to local schools or libraries. Signed books are great, BUT cannot be given to schools or libraries.

Review Request and Questions:   Please use the Contact Form. (opens in a new window)  Please do not ask when your review will post.  If there is a problem you will be emailed.

I (Kid Lit Reviews), thanks you for allowing me to review your book.  It is an honor I do not take lightly.



Please remember, all reviews, from all reviewers, are the opinion of the reviewer, and are just that – opinions.


Books are received from publishers, authors, illustrators, publicity firms, select sites online (mainly NetGalley and Edelweiss), Toledo Public Library, and my personal library.

Regardless of the source, all reviews are the opinion of the reviewer and are not subject to outside influence of any sort.


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