HI!  Welcome to Kid Lit Reviews Friday-Followers.

My name is Sue Morris.  This is the second year of reviewing children’s and middle grade books.

If you look around the site, you will find some famous authors and illustrators, debut authors and every king in between.  Yes, I do write negative reviews, though I hate writing those.  Mostly, you will find terrific books, often from new authors or those new to you.  I review books I think I would have liked when a kid.

I was a social worker until illness put a stop to it, so now I read, read, read, and review, review.  Yep, there is one less review than read.  It is easier to read a book than it is to review one.  It can take up to an hour to write a review and then another two to three to get it just right on the site.  That includes finding the websites, Facebook Google + Page, or other online site the reader can learn more about the author, illustrator and publisher, for starters.

Then there are the illustrations, usually sent from the author.  Where should they go and will it work.  If you have worked with WordPress, then you understand how much different the actual site is from the edit page, especially with the theme I am using.  Yet, it is fun and frustrating.  When there is no time to write a review, it is frustrating.  Clicking the “publish” button is FUN!

I am so pleased you are here!

This is my first Follow-Friday and I have joined four hours before the list shut down.  I had missed the other.  I hope this is as wonderful as the write-up stated.  Being fairly new, I still need followers, especially those who enjoy children’s books.  Some of the books are wonderful illustrations that make the book a must have for those who collect great illustrations.

I hope you enjoy your time here and get a chance to read a review or two.  If you or any one you know, wirtes children’s books, up to and including age 13, I would be happy to talked to them about a review.  There is a ton of information on the entire process under Ratings-Review Requests.

If you came before I could get this post up, I apologize.  I will follow anyone that follows Kid Lit Reviews.  If you are on WordPress, click on the “follow” link at the top left ih the black strip.  If you are on any other platform, please use the Follow Kid Lit Reviews! in the side-bar, above the Twitter Bird.

THANKS for clicking over.  I hope to see you again, soon.


5 thoughts on “Follow-Friday

  1. Cassi, Michael, Christy, and Grant, (no relation) 🙂

    Thank you for following me and Kid Lit Reviews. I am following all of you and will follow anyone who follows me. So, if I am not following you let me know. I might have “joined” instead of the email subscription on Blogger sites. I tried to follow however I could. But, I do make goofs, so please let me know and I will correct that asap, maybe sooner (or later).

    I have enjoyed all of your sites. Each is nice to look at and the content, though different on each, held my interest through a few posts–then it got late. 😉 But I will be back.

    Seriously, Thank You!


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