Book Review Requests – Individuals

Now Accepting Books for Winter 2019 and Spring 2020

If you are interested in a Book Review, BEFORE submitting a request, please read the Submission Guidelines HERE.  (Section TWO)

Please include the following information. (copy & paste list, if desired)

Book’s Title
Illustrator (if images used)
Publisher (if self-published, use N/A)
ISBN Number
Date of Release
Request a Review Date (or not)
Write a 2 or 3 sentence story summary. (no longer than 3 sentences). Please don’t leave this out.

Book’s Website (author, illustrator, publisher and/or other link where pages can be seen and read.

(Please do not include Amazon or iTunes/iBooks unless actual story pages can be seen. Two to four spreads (BB and PB) or pages (other genres) is enough. (A little glimpse can help sales.)






4 thoughts on “Book Review Requests – Individuals

  1. I enjoyed exploring your website! I just submitted a unique children’s book about a city kid moving to the country, “Randy Bamboo in Chicken City.”


  2. This is my first children’s chapter book. I have previously had three adult fiction novels published. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity of a review from Kids Lit Reviews.


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