Kid Lit Reviews is run by Suzanne Morris. Sue holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Capital University in Central Ohio.  Sue . . . HOLD IT! If there is one thing I do not like, it is talking about myself as if I were not there. Called third person, this type of writing, or speaking, occurs when that part of your brain that feels neglected, and tired from trying to gain your attention, takes control. Yes, I have one of those, but I no longer allow it to control my life. I can ruin it on my own, thank you very much.


Hi! I am Sue Morris and I started Kid Lit Reviews when I realized how many reviews I was putting on other people’s websites. I wanted to own my own words. While I still post my reviews on those same websites, I now post the review here first.

Who am I?

Here are the basics.

  • Associate degree from The University of Toledo, in juvenile criminology,
  • Bachelors degree from Capital University, in social work,
  • Graduate school at The Ohio State University, in social work,
  • Study at The Institute of Children’s Literature, writing for children and teens. (Graduation very near)

I have worked with all sorts of kids. My first adult job was at Sunshine Children’s Home. This is a place for children stricken with mental retardation, some also with physical disabilities as well. I loved that job. I moved to Columbus to go to school. I worked at another institution for MRDD in Columbus, this time with children and young adults.  I coached several  teams for a neighborhood elementary school. Mostly girls volleyball and girls fastpitch softball.  For a while I took x-rays.

My last volunteer job was with C.A.S.A.  Court Appointed Special Advocates speak up for children in court. In cases involving the parents but affect the children, such as divorce, drug abuse, child neglect, abandonment, and abuse, and a myrid of other situations.  This gives the child a voice in court and a chance to be heard and have their thoughts and opinions included when a final verdict is rendered.

Why should  trust my book reviews?

The most important thing for you to know is why you can trust my reviews.

The simple answer is that I am honest and objective. I try to let nothing interfere with my reviewing a book. I take this seriously, am in it for the long haul, and also write my own stories, though nothing as yet been published.

I have been writing since as long as I can remember. My first official book, titled Bunny Hill, I wrote at age eleven. But alas, Bunny Hill was never published, but it did receive an A+ from my English teacher. After leaving graduate school, and recovering from a perforated large colon, writing became a bigger part of my life. I have taken several online creative writing classes from the Open University, M.I.T., and Stanford University. I will graduate from The Institute of Children’s Literature around the first of the New Year (2013). There I learned to write for children and teens.


How I review.

I read each picture book and those under 200 pages at least twice. The first read is for pleasure. Is the book a fun read, a page-turner, does it hold my attention, and is it something kids will enjoy. The second read is to evaluate the book. Is it a  well written book, without typos, or punctuation and grammar errors? I also look at the plot, conflict, characters, dialogue, highs and lows, age appropriateness, readability, and believability. I look at the three major components of a book: beginning, middle, and end. Does each fulfill its purpose? Most importantly, will kids enjoy the story and will parents approve of their child reading the story.

Some of this is simply logic and common sense. Other parts require knowledge of a story’s structure and its parts.  Knowing child development and psychology helps at times. The latter two is where education and writing experience matters.


I sincerely hope you enjoy reading everything on Kid Lit Reviews. There are more than reviews here and much more will be added in the future.

If anyone should ever have a question, concern, request, or want to share an opinion, please feel free to contact me. I respond to all emails, usually within 48 hours. I want to hear from you. I want you to enjoy your time here. I want to help you and your children choose books. If I am not doing one or more of these, please let me know. If you know of a better way, please let me know. This is my first blog, so I am learning at every turn.

Please comment. When you comment you are helping the writer and illustrator as much as you help me, and maybe even more. They want your comments on their book and art. Please let them hear your voice.

Thank you for clicking over to Kid Lit reviews. Please come back and often.



28 thoughts on “About

  1. I am very saddened today because, over the past couple of years I have reached out to Sue through social media and email. Initially I was hoping her lack of response was because she was recooping from her most recent surgery and was too busy. Having tried again much later, still with no response, recently I thought to try regular mail. Today I received what I feared: “Return to Sender—Not deliverable as addressed–unable to forward” 😦 It is the “unable to forward” that has left me to draw the conclusion I didn’t want to and I thought I should post it here for all those who would want to know.


  2. Hi Sue,
    What a terrific site. And I’m glad to meet someone enrolled in The Institute of Children’s Literature, writing for children and teens. I just got materials to begin this course. Since I’m a published poet trying to publish Picture Books, I’ll heed your recommendations and review. I can’t think of a better way to improve my writing for kids than reading more books. Thanks.


  3. Hello Sue,
    I’m preparing my marketing and review budget for this year and will keep you at the top of the list. My website is TwinkleTwinkleBooks.com. I am an author of children’s books, as well as interactive storybook apps. My Turkey book is enjoyed by many during the Fall, as well as my Nighty Night Bedtime series of books. Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say hi, and that I enjoy this site. We’ll be in touch soon.

    All best,
    Alexis Purcell


  4. Nice to see a reviewer who ecplains the process of how you tackle the task of creatin g a review. I am currently running a giveaway to help me locate reviewers and would love to send you on my blurb ora copy.


  5. Thank you, Sue, for visiting me over at Being Woven as I shared about my burdens being lifted after finally laying my precious mother’s ashes to rest in Arlington National Cemetery. Your words touched me and gave me comfort. I so appreciate you for them and for you.
    I have moved my book review blog to http://the-reader-and-the-book-reviews.weebly.com as I link up my reviews with a few others on their blogs. Thanks again, ~ linda


  6. I keep getting to know more about you, Sue, little by little, and am really enjoying it 🙂 You are a very accomplished woman, and I have to say how impressed I am that you read the somewhat shorter books TWICE! You put sincere effort into what you’re doing, it definitely shows and is most certainly appreciated! Thank you for that, and Congratulations on your award! 😀


  7. How’s my “favorite” reviewer? I love your site, and can testify that you give excellent, thought-provoking reviews, and that you don’t just hand out 5-stars without justification!! I am under contract for my sixth children’s book to be released in 2014, and I look forward to sharing it with you!


  8. Congratulations, Suzanne! Your blog is wonderful and I love sharing your reviews of great new children’s books with my readers. Thank you for your thoughtful and gracious nomination… Kid Lit Reviews rock and so do you! 🙂


  9. Hi Sue! I spent some time clicking around your site and really enjoy it. I have a website dedicated to all things picture book called, For the Love of Picture Books.com. I added your website under my Reviews section on the Links page so people can find your children’s books reviews. Have a great day!


    • Thanks for the link. I am a long time replying. I never thought anyone would comment on my about page. So sorry for the lateness. I’ve seen your sight and love it. Will follow as soon as I hit post.


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