Unexpected News

Finally, some good news. Levono called today and it was someone from the upper echelon, or at least a supervisor. He somehow came across my complaint and request for help and is going to do just that. Levono is footing the bill and offered a discount on a new system when I decide to upgrade.

It is wonderful to find there are companies that still care about their customers after the sale, thinking about customer loyalty. Too bad Best Buy no longer falls in this category—no more loyalty from this gal.

I am pleasantly surprised by this unexpected phone call. I am not sure how long it will take, but it will be faster than any other solution at my disposal. So I will soon see you on a regular basis, when I no longer need to quickly borrow a friend’s computer. Thanks friend!

Waiting to return, and reading and writing reviews in my handy notebook, will be my second priority—just behind standing up on two feet again. Oh, yeah, another good news I had forgotten about. My left leg was always 1/2 inch shorter than the right (from the original hip replacements), but now it is only 1/4 of an inch shorter. This may not seem like much unless you, too, have different length legs. A little less wobble!!



8 thoughts on “Unexpected News

  1. Yay! The squeaky wheel gets the oil, especially when the “wheel” has a popular blog. LOL Glad to hear of your newly found 1/4″! May good things continue to come your way. 😀


  2. Once you reach the higher ups, things begin to happen. I found that with Comcast and with Dell. I’m glad it’s all falling into place. Now you can get moving with your new hip, as soon as it’s ready.


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