One Final Update

Thank you for your kind words and concern. Here is an update. The Consumer Protection Agency is nothing more than an arbitrator, not  a protector. If Best Buy continues to refuse to fix the problem they missed all these months ago–and the are–there is nothing I can do short of a lawsuit.  This is not lawsuit worthy, though I would love to make the company stand by what it sells and fixes.

The same goes for Lenovo, the Chinese company making headways into the American computer world. Supposedly top-of-the-line computers, solid state drivers, and who knows what else (I am not a computer expert) that puts Lenovo computers ahead of many others, but they failed me miserably.

IF, and only if, I had bought directly from the company, they would outright replace my computer. But since I bought from Best Buy, they will offer no help. Another company refusing to stand by what the make and sell. It is Lenovo that made the lemon of a computer and yet they feel no duty to replace a badly made unit.

Which brings me to the worst post I will ever write. I will start saving for a new computer immediately, but until I have enough I will be absent. This borrowed computer goes back today. A borrowed computer, actually a small netbook, doesn’t have the needed power.

I appreciate all of your kind thoughts, wishes, and prayers. I WILL BE BACK. I hope sooner than later. I never anticipated a day like this would arrive, nor did I ever think such a day would immensely bother me, as it continues to do. Take care of yourselves, read a lot of kid’s books, and please stay alert for my return.



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