great dane the protector

Doesn’t my Great Dane look terrifyingly loving towards its two little charges? Thanks Mike. I love these pups you “doodled.”

I really miss everyone and writing about children’s books each day. I apologize for the lack of reviews these past two weeks. I wish I could say this will immediately improve, but I cannot. Anyone who I promised to post for a book tour, I will sincerely do my best to get the review posted as scheduled. Other reviews will post as I am able.

Currently, I am in a rehab hospital being put through torturous therapy by the PT’s and OT’s. They are relentlessness and no excuse, regardless how creative it may be, is acceptable. I think next week a medieval torture rack will be used. I plan to hide under the dining room table all week.

Actually, thus far therapy is going well. I figure the more painful it is, the better I must be doing. The next goal is to walk, with a walker, even though there is only one  hip to hold me up. That is not a joke, this is the goal, but a good plan in the long run—so I have been told and am trying to believe. I keep seeing my butt hitting the floor resulting in cries of, well, cries.

Everyone here is pleasant, and easy to work with. They seem to love their job—most of them. I feel bad for the elderly and infirm who either cannot or are afraid to speak up. Thankfully, I have only encountered one nurse I worry about. We’ve already had an encounter, where she was more than unprofessional, but I spoke up. We’ll see if it helps.

The bad news is the hip will not be replaced for another 6 to 8 weeks, assuming the infection has been cured, and I will remain an occupant of the rehab hospital until then. The 38 staples are itching like, hm, whatever itches like crazy. Whatever that is, that is how these staples itch.  The better I feel, the less I hurt, the more energy I acquire, and the more time in my filled up day I can find the more reviews will be posted or other’s posts commented upon.

I enjoyed Donna’s first day of officially posting. She had worked hard for several months to get her site just right before letting us see it. I thought you wrote a post, clicked save, and came back daily to repeat. By the looks of Donna’s site, taking your time works, too . This is the approach I must be taking—since 2009—on my personal blog. I only hope the results are half as good as Donna’s results.  If you have not seen Writer Side Up, maybe it is time to hop on over there, but come back, I’m not out yet. To see—and follow—her WordPress wonder, click here:  http://writersideup.com/

That is what is happening thus far in my unexpected journey. I will not be accepting any books until January. If I have reviewed for you in the past and you have a new book on the horizon, I’ll consider it, depending upon how the left side of my body is feeling. By January, all of this should be old news. I would appreciate all your prayers. Each day of therapy is getting harder and there are at least 6 more weeks to go.

Cannot wait to return. Take due care, blogging is a devilishly fun business.

Sue 🙂



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    • Nothing official, but, my pets can make a visit and I a hoping to see them soon. A visit from a dog would be fantastic too. Not sure how my kitties will react. They tend to get made when they feel abandoned. Too bad you’re not here. I’d love a pet therapy visit from a pro. 🙂

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  1. You know, I just realized something…I was telling my boyfriend about the very generous compliment Sue gave me on my blogs, but now, in rereading it, I realized for some reason, Sue, you compared your blog to mine somehow making it seem lesser! This could NOT be less true, my dear. Everyone blogs for different reasons and what you do with your reviews has always been SO impressive—certainly to me! You already know how I’m amazed at the thoroughness, and what you do is the opposite of what I intend to do. I’m not a reviewer and never intend to be, nor do I want to post every day. What you and so many others do is something I admire because of the effort it takes to do it. I often wonder and am in awe how people accomplish this and still have time to read AND have a life! So, now that I was given an outside opinion on your post, I was able to get past the shock of your generous compliment and see more clearly that you were demeaning your own work, Please don’t! There is no comparison! We’re talking “apples and oranges”…different purpose, and please don’t change how you do what YOU do so well 😀

    OK, now, with all that said—get well! 😀


    • No, I was comparing your taking your time to get your site looking so terrific and filled with great content, not to KLR, but to my own site (suemorris.wordpress.com). I have been working on that blog on and mostly off since 2009. What I meant to say, with a laugh, was that you taking your time to get your site just right is now my “excuse” for not having my own site ready–I am taking time, just like you did (only much, much longer), so my blog will be as terrific as your blog. It really was a compliment, only poorly written. Now you know why writing a book has been on the back burner, too.

      I never, ever meant to compare your wonderful blog to KLR. There is no comparison because they are so different. I do reviews and not a whole lot more, whereas you have so many cool topics and great posts. You taking your time, and opening your doors with a great site is now why my site is not ready; “my excuse” for not being ready is trying to emulate your site.–I want it to be great like yours. That is what I meant to say. I guess part of the problem is few know about the blog with my name on it–the one that is suppose to be my “writing life” blog, not a review blog.

      I sincerely apologize. I would never put another blog down, especially in a post on any blog I finally have, and most certainly not a friend’s blog. Sometimes what I think I am saying is not what my fingertips write as I type. I do the same thing when I talk, sometimes I think I am saying what I want to say, but later realize I didn’t come close. I really love your blog. The posts are great and commenting on it has been a blast. I wish I had the time and energy to continue right now.

      Donna, you have a great site, worth the wait, very interesting, and very much you. Be proud of it. I am proud of you and hope my bugging you to open it sooner is still viewed as what is was, me trying to get your wonderful comments on my site into full posts on your site. You have good instincts and lots to say that I enjoy reading. Nope, not put down. I was trying to compliment. You took the tie to fill up and make it interesting right out of the gate. When someone asks why my personal blog is not posting I will say I want to open as well as Writer Side Up opened.

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  2. Hi Sue, oh dear heart, take care, rest up when you can. Keep sticking up for yourself, because if there is one thing I know it’s nurses, and they aren’t all the caring bunch they should be. It’s tough being at the mercy of others for your daily needs, so sending prayers your way for a successful rehab, surgery then rehab. It’s along road ahead, so keep chanting “this too will pass,” I will miss your reviews. Your friend, Julie

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      • I think so Sue. I count it a pleasure to care for people in their vulnerable times, trusting me to help them get through it. Some of the most fulfilling and heart breaking moments in my life happened in my hospital, and even today, I often feel my heart longs to care for people again, but alas, Gigi is my world now and writing is my love. Take care dear Sue, we need you back in the kidlit world entertaining us and advising us of great books.

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    • Ah, patience. Something I can be short on. When one good day leads to a not so good day, patience runs thin. But I have been down this road more than once and I think that might help. Thanks.


  3. I refuse to “like” this post because I don’t. So sorry you have to go through so much and then do it all over again.:( I’ll be the first one to say “Hip-Hip Hooray” (pun intended) when it’s all said and done. Glad to see you posting and that your spirit remains high. Praying for a speedy recovery. 🙂

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    • For the first time, I am glad you do not like a post. But I do like your Hip-Hip Hooray! right now it is Hip-Hooray, but soon Hip-Hip-Hooray will ring through this room (the rehab center is going to hold the room during the week of surgery/hospital stay occurs–nice, except I am at the end of the hall and the carpet is difficult to propel a wheelchair.). As Julie said, this too will pass. 🙂


      • After reading your post several more times, I was a bit confused about the procedural steps of your surgery. In any case, though, I do wish you a full and speedy recovery!


        • Thanks. It isn’t complicated if all goes well. I had the hip removed because it was infected. Now, and for the next 6 weeks. the spacer that was put in place of the hip that was removed, shoots out an antibiotic into the hip area. That along with an IV antibiotic daily should kill the infection. Then for 2 weeks, the area just waits.

          On week 8 a new hip aspiration is done to see if there is any infection or if it is all clear. If all clear, a new hip replacement is put in and then two more weeks of rehab and I am home. If the hip area is still infected, a new antibiotic filled hip spacer replaces the one in my hip area now. It stays in for 8 weeks and a hip aspiration is done again, etc. etc.


  4. OK, first—I LOVE your doodle from Mike 😀 I want one, too! Dibs are way too steep though, with all his hungry followers 😉 You totally lucked out, woman!

    And I’m so glad you filled us all in on how things are going. It sounds torturous, but your spirit is strong 😀 😀 😀 Your sense of humor is certainly still in tact! lol Once those stitches are out, you’ll feel a world of difference, at least in that way. I hope your infection clears up quickly. Eat healthy to help your body heal 🙂

    Also, I have to tell you, what a compliment (and shock!) it was to see you mentioning my blogs! That is just too kind. Seriously. And, you know, I really can’t count the hours I spent ’cause it was spread out in little bursts of focus, only recently doing it. I’m so glad you like it 😀 Thank you for that!

    Now, all you need to do is take care of yourself and get well 🙂 Prayers sent!


    • I’m glad to see you initially understood what I meant to say. I wish you hadn’t talked to whoever had you thinking otherwise, but after re-reading the post, something I normally do before posting but don’t think I did this time, I agree, it was a backhanded compliment at best but never meant as one. I made a few changes to the post to clear up any questions as to how proud I am of you and your blog and how much I enjoy being there. 🙂

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      • Yes, Sue, just to be perfectly clear (’cause there are times we seem to misperceive), I thought you were ELEVATING mine more than it should be, while CRITICIZING yours unduly! So now I know which blog you were referring to. At some point you WILL get to it. It took me almost 2 years, from the time I got the domains, to get them up. Life simply doesn’t allow time for this. They are taking over my life and will continue to do so for a while, but believe me, that WILL stop. I have another life to live than all this blog stuff lol And watch what you’re eating! You don’t want add extra weight on that new hip you’ll be getting 😀


        • I’m getting extra weight on this leg without a hip. The cruelty of it, such is physical therapy. 🙂 You’re right about blogging taking so much time. I had not really noticed it at home, but here, carving out the time to write is harder and I noticed how much time it takes. Can’t wait to get back home and be ignorant of the time. 🙂

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    • I should have known a quick fix wouldn’t happen. Thus far when something has gone wrong it goes all the way wrong. But I am in one of the best rehab centers I have ever been too, and unfortunately, I can make that statement. The people are great, the surroundings very nice, therapy is terrific and pushy, and the food . . . oh, my gosh, the weight I will need to take off. The food is unbelieveable. I am very lucky this time to be at such a wonderful place to get well. There was a “Happy Hour” this past Friday–a real Happy Hour. |_| o_O

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  5. OMGoodness, Sue. This is no simple go in, fix it, come home ordeal! Yikes! You’re really getting the full on torture treatment. Cupcake and I will certainly to continue to pray for your recovery each morning. Hang in there, and do keep us posted. They say if you keep a smile on your face when you’re doing something difficult it will seem less difficult. I believe that’s true.

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    • Sometimes a smile means you are up to something. There are loads of genuine smiles here and laughs to go with it. Yep, it really does help. Attitude can make or break rehab. I could use a pet sitter if Cupcake wants to keep an eye on my two monster cats. Just a thought. The current sitter may get too wiped out with those two. Almost as bad a dogs, my kitties are. (Now that was a bad sentence–so my writing has not suffered). 🙂


    • I’m trying. What is that after the word positive? Interesting. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate all the well-wishes. They do help. With mom no longer here, it has been strange.


    • PT doesn’t stand for Physical Torture for nothing. But it helps, a lot. Not having the time or energy to review is more painful to me. That sounds trite, but it’s true. I miss my computer time. And my kitties, and everything else that goes with kidlit. It is so sad to know some of the patients here are afraid or just don’t know what to say to get what they need. The idea of a crappy nurse giving them undue hell makes me boil. The social worker in me just will not go away. Thank you for the good thoughts. I think there’s one on its way now!! 🙂

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    • Why are you and Susanna still up? I just hit post 10 seconds ago. Okay, you live in Canada, so that explains you. Bedtime, guys. Thanks for the Crab Gods, but I have enough problems without crabs entering my life, so how about to the Troll Gods, or the Dragon Gods, or even the real guy—or gal—him/herself? Crab Gods. How would you know about the Crab Gods? And why do they need more than one? Oh, right, they get abducted quickly, I forgot. Is one of these Crab Gods in book three? Does Petra put it in its rightful place? You go, Petra! Thanks, Diane/SpiritHillage99 🙂

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