All is Back to Normal — Or Will Be Tomorrow!

Great News! The faulty computer has returned home good as new. Literally. It is just as it was when I bought it. Now, I need to program in all the things I use and an anti-virus that I hope does its job. That is my evening plans. Now, with a new motherboard, the computer should be in tip-top condition. If not . . . but, let’s not go there.

Tomorrow, I will pick up where I had to stop and bring you more wonderful books and, soon, a special post. I am excited to be introducing you to an up and coming illustrator, starting his career at age sixteen. We’ll talk with him about his plans and his future, plus see some of his amazing work. I am very excited to interview this young artist.

Have a great night tonight. Enjoy the summer breezes—if you are in the Mid-East—and relax with a nice cold beverage of your choice.  I will continue writing and on Wednesday the first new post will be online. (Posts are usually written the night before they go live.)

In any case, enjoy your evening and tomorrow. Please return on Wednesday. I look forward to seeing everyone then. Thank you for all your good wishes and support regarding my broken computer. It seems like Deja vu.




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