The Dreaded Intent – Food Fight ’14


The Dreaded Intent – Food Fight ’14

Julie Rowan-Zoch has started an interesting story in honor of WORLD READ ALOUD DAY. The story, beginning on her website, is about a food fight, but she needs your help to get it to the end. Bring your best food and a good arm. To read more, including the story thus far, go HERE! Or here:  And for more on the WORLD READ ALOUD DAY go HERE! or here:



“It was a lunch hour like any other at Bacon Elementary, when a chill ran up Mateo’s spine. His hair stood at attention down his bony arms. Cautiously he lifted his gaze, millimeter by millimeter. He dreaded the worst. And sure as a pop-tart is sugary, there she was, staring straight at him. Priscilla Weatherspoon – the meanest, leanest prankster this side of the Mississippi. Her eyes grew smaller as they locked onto his. Slowly, slowly but sure as a mosquito bite, she drew her chin towards her chest and that’swhen Mateo saw The Intent, right there under her thick, dark caterpillar eyebrows knit between her tightly pulled braids. Those chesnut-brown peepers were. not. cute. He knew then and there. He had just become her business. It was a speck of a second, but felt like slow-motion sickness. As the sweat started to gather in his armpits, and a heat rose to his ears, he lowered his sandwich with his left hand as he went for the juice box with his right…” continue reading . . . 

(Check out comment #3 – Erik, our friendly kidlit kid; and #5, me, your wanna be writer of all things humorous.)


Thank you Julie Rowan-Zoch for the great illustration of Mateo. I think Julie’s illustrations are fantastic!  Okay, now what are you waiting for? Go! Go on and continue Mateo’s story and remember to READ ALOUD TO SOMEONE TODAY! Preferably a book.

For more food fight sotries in honor of WORLD READ ALOUD DAY, go to WriterOutline. Or start your own story and add it to the list.


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    • Mrs. “Rozo”?? Hm, does she know you have condensed her last name? 😆 What am I read aloud today? Are you trying to get a hint as to my next post–trying to beat me to the punch? Not gonna work, kiddo. But, I am read aloud, write now, as I right. That counts, write? What are you read aloud, Erik? 🙂


        • How cool. And you’re right, Rowan-Zoch sounds like “rowin’-sock.” Why would you do that, row a sock? How far could you really get rowin’ a sock? And where is the boat? Where are you suppose to sit while rowin’ a sock? Yeah, RoZo makes so much more sense. 😀


          • Well, because I love bilingual things, I asked her how she pronounced “Zoch”. I was confused – it’s a “ts + ‘the sound you make when you have a piece of popcorn in the back of your throat’ ” I think. I tried and tried but couldn’t say it. 😦 Yeah, RoZo is much easier. 😀


    • I think I am back. Have been posting since Saturday. My only mistake was forgetting this post wasn’t to go up yet, and not seeing it, posted it anyway on the 4th, but it was for the 5th–then posting a book for a book tour on the 5th, that was for the 6th–and then unposting it until the 6th. Otherwise, I think I am back. 😀


    • I loved your story. This is actually for tomorrow, but I got mixed up after scheduling three posts, which I usually don’t do. That’s okay, it is a good story! 🙂


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