I Am a Forever Dog!

Taking day off, but wanted to share something that was sent to me late last night.  I will be moving, hopefully this summer, to help a friend relocate and run her dog rescue organization, a 501c non-profit.  Sometimes certain things hit home and this is one of them.


I do not know who to attribute this to, but whoever you are, “THANK YOU!”



6 thoughts on “I Am a Forever Dog!

    • You didn’t say but I’m guessing you are a forever friend.

      I’m nothing special. I love Columbus, Ohio. Spent my first 20 adult years there and only came back home due to illness. Plus, I love dogs (and cats), and will be able to have my own forever dog, something I cannot have where I live now. I think it will be a lot of work running a rescue, but LOADS OF FUN!! I’m going for the latter. 🙂


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