Uh, Oh!

I  Apologize.

.    .    I am sorry.

. . .        .         Please forgive me?

.    .        .         .        .   I really tried.

. .       .          .        .        .       Honest Indian, I did.

I woke up sick and cannot write a review as I like to write them. Too much phlegm.

That might have been too much to say. Sorry.

Reviews will pick up tomorrow with,

Woody’s World by E. Renee Heiss / illustrations by Chelsea Sekanic.


In 1929, twelve year-old Woody thinks little about money. Then the stock market crashes, crumbling his father’s business with it. Suddenly, money becomes very important to Woody, so he searches for ways to help his family. Sometimes his efforts earn him a few coins. At other times, his efforts remove letters from an imaginary chocolate “RESPECT” bar, that his father uses to keep track of Woody’s mistakes.

In the end, Woody learns about hard work, true friendship, and earning respect. But, will his efforts ever be enough to earn the respect of his father?


Good night!



24 thoughts on “Uh, Oh!

  1. Oh Sue, Lupus, thats really tough. I guess Renee is off the virtual hook, cough cough. Sue I hope you can rest. Now I am concerned about your blogging schedule, waves finger. Please don’t exhaust yourself, take care Julie


    • I just relied to a Julie Anne Grasso, now who are YOU! Really now, why are you impersonating a . . . oh, never mind, it is another comment. Yeah! I love comments, but not about me about my reviews and guests, and books, and guests . . mainly the guests. My writing schedule is fine. I write everyday, just like we are suppose to, right? It’s not exhaustion that is the problem, it is all the things that cause the exhaustion, or rather the one thing that causes all the things that cause all the exhaustion. Make sense? Please explain it to me?


    • Lol, yes one in the same, no imposter here. Just made two comments in a short space of time. I don’t understand the exhaustiont thing either. The other day Gigi kept me up all night but the next day I managed to cook up a storm and clean the house, now today, with 8 hours of sleep I am starting to resemble vegetable soup. Sigh cheers Julie


  2. Thanks Julie – now I’m sorry too! Waahhhhhh! Hope you get some rest Sue and that you feel better soon! Thinking of you and sending you some virtual chicken soup… Hugs xx


      • So sorry to hear that you are struggling at the moment – I should have been more careful packaging the crackers! 😉 You don’t have to write every day, ya know! And… this is a toughie, but you could say no to requests to review. You do ALOT of reviews and while they are certainly entertaining and informative to read and your followers thank you, you shouldn’t be doing it to the point of exhaustion. Ok, Mom hat off… Take care of yourself first – that’s the most important thing! Oops, the Mom hat slipped back on there by accident … sorry…


    • Ah, Rhythm, thanks for the thoughts. I so wish I had a canine instead of these two felines, who have been absolutely worthless these past three days. If they knock over the bedroom trash can one more time . . .


  3. Oh Sue you poor thing, you must have caught Renee’s flu over the internet, cough cough. Take care, wish I could send along some chicken soup for you. Rest and I hope that you feel better soon.


    • Thanks for the offer, but Renee sent virtual soup, chicken soup for the flu, but I don’t have the flu. I ate it anyway, what else could I do Thanks for the wishes. I got more comments today than the last few reviews. Hm, something isn’t right . . . or is it? Thank you Julie, it is nice to see some authors keep sticking around.


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