Dear Readers – Thank  you for all  your support. 

Due to ongoing computer issues, today’s review, December 19, 2012, is postponed one day, until Thursday.  

Some of you know about the misfortunes of Lappy. Today it is getting a restoration in hopes that this will clear up some of its ongoing issues. If that does not help, Kid Lit Reviews will be working towards a new and improved Lappy, version 2.

Until then, reviews will remain on schedule, with today being the only exception. The book review now kicked out of the schedule is Bad Kitty Christmas by Nick Bruel. I dropped this book because it is a personal favorite, but not a review request.

Since Erik, at This Kid Reviews Books, reviewed Bad Kitty Christmas a few days ago, this is a good opportunity for KLR readers to help out this above-average-height, 10-turning-11, Monster Reviewer. The poor kid works so hard yet rarely gets any comments.     So please KLR readers, go to his blog and back him up!

Bad Kitty Christmas review by Erik can be seen HERE!



Here is the schedule for the remainder of the year

Thursday,     20 —  Whoever Heard of a Fird?

Friday,            21 —   Autobiography of a Duck

Saturday,       22 —     Forbidden Planet  (FREE @ Amazon 22nd to 25th)

Sunday,          23 —    Baby Lit: A Christmas Carol & Dracula

Monday,         24 —    Please Don’t Feed the Boy

Tuesday,        25, —  HAPPY HOLIDAY EVERYONE!

Wednesday, 26 —  open

Thursday,     27 —  I Couldn’t Love You More

Friday,           28 —  open

Saturday,     29 —  Victoria Malicia

Sunday,        30 —   I Came From Water

Monday,      31 —    open




Lappy is in isolation and cannot accept get well cards or wishes.  All burial plans are on indefinite hold. I apologize for the inconvenience.



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    • Erik, just to get this straight, you will be 11 on the 22nd? And you are five feet and two to three inches tall? Okay. What happens if Lappy needs surgery and you are 11 and 5 2 to 3?

      Well, it did need surgery and a transplant. So far, so good. Lappy had a virus that it just got, after being repaired. Poor thing. (I mean myself.)


  1. Lappy, you don’t want to be “sick” for the holidays (not when there are big sales on shiny new computers 😉 I’m just kidding!! Of course you’re irreplaceable!! You remind me of my own computer “Frank” (short for Frankenstein).


    • Hi Elle! Has Frank-e ever have any heart attacks and just go dead? Or come back to life when the tech plugs it in, making you look silly, embarrassing you? If not, do you want to trade and feel the experience first hand?

      I hope Lappy’s problems or me wanting to pawn it off on you won’t stop you from returning. It can only get better from here! 🙂


      • Thanks, but no thanks! I know that experience all to well 😉 If I hear the phrase “user error” one more time…. well, let’s just say it’s not going to be pretty!

        Happy Holidays to you!


    • Cupcake, you can stop worrying. Lappy had a mild heart attack, easily revived for the geek (but not me). Lappy has been wiped out, restored, and upgraded.

      Lappy was turned on when it saw your XO.


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