#166 – My Daddy Loves Me, How Do I Know? by James Zachary

4.5 Stars
My Daddy Loves Me, How Do I Know?
James Zachary
No. Pages:  32      Ages:  2 to 5

Summary: A sweet little girl recalls how her father shows his love for her as they adventure through the beautiful and historic landscapes of the San Francisco Bay Area.

A little girl knows her daddy loves her and wants to tell you how she knows this is true.  Told in rhyming verse, My Daddy Loves Me, How Do I Know? is devoted to the love a father has for his daughter.  This picture book is unusual simply because fathers are rarely represented in children’s books.

So, how does this little girl know her daddy loves her?  He shows his love in the things he does for and with his daughter each day.  Simple things like brushing her hair, playing dress-up with her dolls, making a fort in the middle of the room on rainy days, and bringing her tea when she is in bed, ill.

My Daddy Loves Me, How Do I Know? will make a great gift on father’s day.  For whatever reason, the male species has difficulty expressing themselves, especially when the subject is love.  Daddy Loves Me, How Do I Know? can help any father who possesses the non-express-yourself gene.  A new dad would love this book.  It can guide him in the things a daughter likes to do with her daddy.

The illustrations are  different, which is apropos since this is a very different picture book.  Photographs were taken using the author’s twin daughters as stand-ins.  Then the illustrations of dad and his daughter were magically switched for the real person.

I like the illustrations and the use of two mediums.  I would have also liked the entire book illustrated, simply because I like the author’s illustrative work.  He disagrees, and you can read why in a short Q&A with the author, James Zachary HERE.  Either way, the illustrations are wonderful.

The text does not have a consistent sing-song pattern.  The lack of this makes a few lines awkward to read aloud.  They do not roll off the tongue, as I prefer picture books to do. That aside, the text is down-to-earth and just what a father would do with a daughter.

Instead of playing catch with a ball, they play dress-up with her dolls.  Dad comforts her when she hurts and kisses the boo-boos away.  This little girl understands that love is more than a four letter word.  Love is also, and most often, said in the things we do for and with each other.

My Daddy Loves Me, How Do I Know? Is James Zachary’s first foray into children’s books. This is an intriguing first start.  I like that he thinks outside of the box. Writing for dads and daughters is a good choice and a needed area in children’s books.  Maybe the next book will be a dad and son picture book to compliment his dad and daughter debut.

If you would like to know more about Mr. Zachary or more about his illustrative process for My Daddy Loves Me, How Do I Know?, check out the interview HERE or his blog at WritingMyFirst.com


My Daddy Loves Me, How Do I Know?

Author: James Zachary   website
Release Date:
ISBN: 978-0-615-64620-6
Number of Pages: 32
Ages: 2 to 5
Formats: Kindle, iBook

Daddy Loves Me,  How Do I Know? is available as an eBook or an iBook

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Ibooks : http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/my-daddy-loves-me-how-do-i-know/id532931876?mt=11
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008A7W8HI

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