Creepy-Crawlies Weekend Will Not End!

Hi Everyone!  First, let me apologize for not having a review for you today.  It is summer, and with summer come all sorts of fun things to do and see.  I wish my summer were one of those fun summers.  Instead, this weekend has been straight out of a horror novel.

Every year, these little bugs fly out of the small wooded creek by my apartment complex for one purpose, though I believe there are two reasons.  Firstly, it is time for these critters to mate and they do this out in the open where the world’s eyes can watch.

This is a G Rated site, or so I want to keep it that way, but these little critters move all over the place joined.  The second reason, I am sure, is to irritate me, and they do.

Normally, I do not care one bit what these tiny guys and gals do all day and night.  This year, these critters have found a way to get into my apartment.  Every morning, these past three days, started with removing several of these bugs from my living room and wherever else they decided to explore.

It has been a nightmare for me, though the rest of my family loves the little things, one for play, and another as a treat.  I do not agree with either, preferring every member everyone to get rid of the things before I see them.

Last night, my youngest sat on the bathroom floor while I was getting ready for bed.  He stared at the ceiling, barely moving.  This is usually not a good sign, so I looked up.  I thought I was going to scream!  Did you know these creatures can walk on a ceiling?!  If those tiny feet slipped, the critter would have made a landing at Airport of My Head.

I got it down with a cane only to have it land on the bathroom counter, where all of my hair supplies, toothbrushes, and teeth are stored.  YUCK‼  Freaked.  Me.  Out.  It walked on my comb, which I then had to hand-wash three times to get the germs and cooties completely off the thing.  I am happy to report that the bug made it to his swimming lesson, which he passed—before finding my toothbrush.

The culprits were entering by way of the 30 year-old windows that no longer stand erect.  Enter three extension rods to push them upright and problem solved.  I thought.

Turns out the main entrance is the patio door.  They can get between the screen door and the inside glass door thanks to a broken rubber strip.  Then it is easy street with the hole at the bottom of the door.

Maintenance cannot find a replacement so they sprayed my patio, the building walls near the balcony, and under the small eave, where the carpenter bees live.  I doubt they were any happier than I to have these bugs in their home, unless they had them for dinner—as the main course.

The very helpful and sincere maintenance guy sprayed everywhere possible, except the screen on the outer door.  Guess where these home invaders now sit and crawl about?  On the screen door.

This means no opening the balcony door for fresh air, or the windows, which are now tighter than Fort Knox.  While the rest of you were sweating in the 90-degree heat, I was freezing in the 72-degree air conditioning.

So, not many reviews have been written this weekend.  Actually, none have been written.  I look to my right, and a critter is crawling on the window.  I’m not sure if he is looking for a rest stop or dinner, but he found neither.  Instead, he went for a nice evening swim.  Here is another “did you know.”  Did you know those little bugs could stick themselves to porcelain and stay there until the water rushes past?  Yup, he needed two lessons before he could go swimming solo.

Even now, as I try to write this, my kid is touching my arm, making me jump.  Oh, I did tell you my family consists of myself, Theo (a ragdoll cat), and Baby Girl (a rescue cat).  I looked down, a few minutes ago actually, and a spider (worse than mating insects), was nonchalantly walking towards me.  The Baby finally notice me frozen, pointing at the thing, and took care of my problem.  She takes a stern approach—mm, treat!

Tomorrow there will be a review, if I must go to the library and get inside one of the sealed conference rooms to write it.  After the hot summer is over, I think it will be a good time to move, maybe someplace colder, even though I prefer the heat.  I think Canada might be too cold for the bugs to leave their homes to enter my home.  And I won’t need air conditioning to freeze during the summer months.


9 thoughts on “Creepy-Crawlies Weekend Will Not End!

  1. Hah! You should see the size of the bugs in Canada. They’re the size of . . .
    well . . .airplanes or bigger. Huge monsters, I tell you. Sorry about your bug episode, Sue. At first, I thought you were finally writing an excerpt from your book.


    • I hope my writing is better than this, or the book will be a flop. Thanks for the ego stroke,my good friend. When it comes to the writing in my book, you better be honest or I will send you a BIG BUG! I call your bug-bluff. 😉


  2. Thank you Erik, Shaunda, and Jennifer. I don’t know what’s going on, but a tiny spider crawled on my hand when I was typing earlier. I wonder if this is bad karma for something I’ve done.

    I get all itchy, too Erik, just thinking about it. My cats have yet to figure out where the little critters go when I flush them. Maybe that’s my bad karma!?


  3. How terrible! You have to take care of that business and the blogging can wait. I pressure myself to post also–we bloggers feel a responsibility to our readers–but I think they forgive us when we take a break for whatever reason. Take it easy and i love the description of the swimming lessons! Jennifer


  4. As I post this, on the wall inches from my face, is a huge bugger. I think it fell into the trash can when I hit it with a book–all I had to work with. I think I am moving out tonight!!


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