#135 – I Love You Better Than Chocolate Chip Cookies by Donalisa Helsley

 4 stars

From the back cover:  How much do you love chocolate chip cookies?I love them a lot, but there is something I love Better I Love You Better Than Chocolate Chip Cookies is an entertaining book that teaches what should really take first place in our hearts.

Cheerful animal characters fill each page of this little book with a message.  Beginning with mother and daughter leopards, each spread involves two or more animal groups declaring they love each other better than something.  The mother leopard is speaking:

.......I love you better than chocolate chip cookies, 
...............and chocolate chip cookies are very good!

The author uses repetition to reinforce the theme of loving someone better than they love some activity or food.  Each declaration begins with I love you better than (roller coasters, pizza, puppies), and (roller coasters, pizza, puppies) are very (fast! cheesy! cute!).  The simple formula of repetition can help children learn to read.  This style of writing is best for young children and beginning readers.  The illustrations are big and bright.  The characters have huge expressive eyes and happy human-like facial features.

The theme of the book is love and what better way to express a feeling than by comparing it to what can be touched and seen.  Puppies, birthday parties, and other things children love are included and each time, there is more love for the person, than the object.  Not only does this book help a child (or parent), express their love, it also plants the fundamental principal that people are more important than things.

I Love You Better Than Chocolate Chip Cookies is a good bedtime book, but once read a few times will become part of your child’s lexicon.  You will hear I love you better than wherever you take them.  The book also includes interactive content online (not reviewed).

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I Love You Better than Chocolate Chip Cookies

Author: Donalisa Helsley website blog
Illustrator: Liz Holt
Publisher: Tate Publishing  website
Date Released: May 8, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-61862-675-2
Number of Pages: 24
Ages: 2+



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