#131 – Z and Brad Go to the Park by Bolivar Lopez

A to Z Challenge Day26: Z

Z and Brad are out to play in the park. They accidentally travel deep into the woods.  They have a good time finding their way home. They meet Mu Mu or was it they get eaten by Mu Mu.  (from the back cover of the book)

Z and Brad are brothers.  They decided to go to the park to play, so their mother gives them her cell phone.  The two stop to play on some large rocks, and when they leave for the swings, drop their mother’s phone on the ground.  They are unaware that they no longer have the phone.

While swinging, a dog’s  bark can be heard and it keeps getting  louder.  Soon, it was  heading straight for Z and Brad.  Z is confident the dog said,  EAT YOU so the two boys bolt from the playground in an attempt to lose the boy-eating dog.  The dog follows, continuing to bark as it runs after Z and Brad.  The boys run deeper and deeper  into the woods and soon are lost.  Will Z and Brad make it home for dinner on time?  Or will the boys be dinner for the chasing dog?

This is a simple story that is perfect for beginning readers.  Most sentences are  short, with easy words.  The illustrations do a good job depicting the text.  The story flows from scene to scene, without any tangents along the way.  The ending is clear and nothing is left for the reader to wonder.  This is number four in the  The Adventures of Z Series.

I do not like the book.  The writing is amateurish, as are the illustrations.  I was a bit baffled to receive this book so I checked out the website. I thought maybe this was in line with something like Mad Magazine and was deliberately underwhelming, having acquired a cult following.  The website is very well done.  It is easy to navigate and shows off the Z and Brad Series nicely.  It seems this is meant to be a serious children’s book.  According to the website’s history of The Adventures of Z author/illustrator Bolivar Lopez  seems to be in his element.  It might be best to let him explain in his own words:







Mu Mu, Brad, & Z

There are two major conflicts in the book.  One is getting safely away from Mu Mu, and the second is getting home for dinner on time.  At the beginning, the boys are to be picked up by their mother, who had dropped them off and would call before picking them up.

Once the dog chase is over, the boys are now worried  about getting home on time, mom is running late.  Mu Mu offers to take Z and Brad home and mom  does not hesitate.  Here is this huge dog, with a mighty roar so fearful it caused Z and Brad to run for their lives,  and mom thinks nothing of it?

This is the first of the The Adventures of Z Series that I have read, and maybe the two boys are prone to over exaggeration.   For those that will enjoy this, it will not matter.

The characters in this series look more like characters seen on Fox Network  than a children’s book.   Z and Brad Go to the Park  is definitely not a girls book.  Boys might like this, yet I have doubts.   Z and Brad, and family, might work better for young adult men, where the story could delve into subjects more suited for these characters.  The next adventure will be out this summer.

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Z and Brad Go To The Park

Author/Illustrator: Bolivar Lopez   website
Publisher: Mirror Publishing
Release Date:  February 2012
ISBN:  978-1-61225-097-7
Number of Pages:  24
Ages:  9 and under


A to Z Challenge Day26: Z
A to Z Challenge:   WE HAVE LANDED!

Wow!  The month of April is nearly over.  A few more hours.  This has been an interesting  A to Z Challenge.  This is the first challenge Kid Lit Reviews has participated in and all the hard work and late nights was  worth it.  Several new followers, many more page views, and some new friends.  There are many wonderful blogs just  waiting for you to stop by and take a look at the fabulous poems, prose, art work, illustrations.  Blogs like:

Putting Words Down on Paper


Ella’s Edge

Nita’s Books

Michelle Pickett

Liz Brownlee Poet

Wrote by Rote        and 2000+ more!

Now all that is left to do is plan for April, 2013!!!!

10 thoughts on “#131 – Z and Brad Go to the Park by Bolivar Lopez

  1. Thanks for linking to my blog! And congratulations on finishing! I am thinking of doing picture books for next year, but it may depend on the class I end up taking at the time…


    • If you do picture books, which are fun to do, pre-planning. Some of those letters are difficult, especially if you are constrained to the books sent you or a certain year.

      Good luck in school and thanks for the congrats. Right back at you!


  2. I thought the same thing about the illustrations I saw in your review – I don’t like them very much. Well, not every book can be ones we like. I like your honest opinion.
    I liked reading your A to Z posts 🙂


    • That’s true, we cannot like every book that we see. I’m glad you could appreciate the review for what it is, my opinion, nothing more.

      Next year, I think you will be ready for the A to Z. Heck, you already put up a new post daily and have for some time now. I have always been amazed at the number of posts you write, in addition to writing the column for your town’s paper, and karate, everything else you do. You could probably teach a class on how to post daily and still have an active life.


      • That’s funny you say that because I was just trying to figure out how to make it easier to do. So far I’ve combined school assignments with blog posts (I have to write a book review once a week for school anyway). For my newspaper articles, I use blog posts. I am going to post 3 times a week now (four if someone sends a creative kid thing in because I really don’t have to do any “work” for them they are already written 😉 ).


        • Totally understand that. Have you thought about author interviews, guest posts (which the creative kids sort of is), and I am sure there are other ways to make posts easier. I’ve decided to try, so if you are ever interested in doing a guest post, let me know.


    • Thank you. Your late-night encouragement was much appreciated. Laughing until milk squirts out the nose not only kept me sane, it kept me awake.

      The lost time, due to cleaning milk that landed on every nearby surface, would have been a huge problem if not for the help of two hungry kitties, who’s person they own forgot to feed them din-din.


  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on, Z and Brad Go To The Park. I don’t think it is my kind of book, but I could see where some kids might find it funny.

    Thank you for the blog mention! I’ve had fun with the A to Z challenge, but I am glad it is over. It was fun meeting lots of new people.

    Have a wonderful day!



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