A to Z Challenge Day25: Y


Yes, we have no review

we have no review today.

(or bananas).

I  am  sorry.  I have been trying all last night and today to make a fairly good book not sound not so bad.  I never want to trash someone’s story.

I know it takes a long time, and many rewrites, to get a story ready for publication.  Sometimes, for whatever reason, a book is published before it is ready.  The wrong character solves the conflict.  There is no conflict.  The list goes on and on.

So, instead of a book review, today will be a review of what not to forget if you would like a great children’s book review.

Correct all misspelled words.

Break  up run on sentences.

Show what is happening, telling me is boring.

Let the child protagonist solve the conflict.

Develop the characters: rich, three-dimensional  characters  the reader can care about. 

Punctuation and grammar matter.

Cut scenes that  do not add to the story or take it forward.

What would you add to this list?



Since this is a two-way street, what would the authors like the reviewers to remember as they read and then review  a children’s book?


A to Z Challenge Day25: Y
A to Z Challenge Minus 1



2 thoughts on “YES!!

  1. Hello Diane Mae, I am sort of surprised to see you again, but glad you are back. (After the villains post).

    So publishers live on long and hard roads? I’d never heard that before. I’ve heard of the long and winding road, the road less taken, and I have heard of the dead-end road. Wow, I guess it would be difficult to get a publisher to even read your book, depending on how long the road is, I guess. Wow, you writers really do face uphill battles . . . wait, were there any hills that went up?

    Then I guess the road to Amazon’s Kindle publishers . . . that must be a short and soft road, and maybe a little congested, if you ask me. Ebooks, schmee books. Give me a real book. One I can hold and drop when I fall asleep and not need to worry it will break.

    That you for the great encouragement. Believe in yourselves, writers. I love your stories. Keep sending ’em. Believe in you–we do.


  2. Hello Suzanne. I’m so thankful I’m not spammed anymore. In regards to your “Y” post, you pretty much have it all covered–What an author needs to make a good story. The only thing I would add is; once you have your good story, never, never give up trying to find a publisher. This can be a long and hard road, but if you believe in yourself, in your story, a publisher will too.


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