#121 – Spotty, Stripy, Swirly by Jane Brocket

 4 Stars

Dotty, stripy, straight, and swirly—patterns are all around us.  How many different patterns can you find pictured in this book?

Wow!  For younger children this is a challenge right out of Where’s Waldo?  I am still counting as I write this.  Wow!  Flowers, furniture, toys, sidewalks, anything you might see all have patterns.  There are numerous patterns in Spotty, Stripy, Swirly: What are Patterns? Stripes, swirls, dots, circles, lines . . . the options are endless.  But what is a pattern?  This is the subject of this fascinatingly colorful book for kids.

I like Spotty, Stripy, Swirly.  The story is the pattern.  What is it?  Where is it?  Why is it?  The author explains all of those W’s.  After reading this book, I will see patterns in places I had never noticed before.

The author explains what constitutes a pattern and what does not.  I found this little book interesting.  Young children will love it for the colors and the patterns.  For days, maybe forever, they will tell you about patterns they see.

This is the next step for pre-K children who have mastered basic shapes.  They will need to understand shapes to understand Spotty, Stripy, Swirly: What are Patterns.  The colors and patterns will hold children’s interest for hours.  Once they know their 1,2,3’s, kids can start the author’s challenging question: How many different patterns can you find pictured in this book?

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Spotty, Stripy, Swirly: What Are Patterns? 

Author: Jane Brocket   website
Publisher: Millbrook Press (Lerner Pub.Grp.)  website
Release Date: April 1, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-7613-4613-5
Number of Pages: 32
Grades: PreK-2

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