#112 – Do I Have to Go To School Today? by Holli Snyder

A to Z Challenge Day 4: D

3 Stars

Do I Have to Go To School  Today? Like any typical 7-year-old boy, Trevor is less than thrilled with the idea of spending his day at school.  Unfortunately for him, school is not an option and he reluctantly prepares himself for yet another boring day of learning.  Once at school he is met with good news from friends, a new class pet ad many other exciting experiences.  Nobody is more surprised that Trevor when he realizes that school is fun and being forced to attend actually isn’t as bad as it seems.

Trevor does not want to go to school.  He hides under the covers annoyed at big brother Austin who whispers in his ear, it is fun to go to school. Trevor may be grumpy in the morning but he knows school is a must.  He gets ready for another boring day.  Trevor is in class maybe five minutes when he gets his first I’m glad I came to school today moment; His friend Noah has a new baby sister.

The day only delivers more moments like this when the class gets a new pet and Trevor is in charge of getting the gecko water every day.  He has a blast at recess and is not ready for the school day to end when the bell rings.  Trevor arrives home excited and anxious to tell mom about his day.

We do not know why Trevor disliked school or why it was boring, just that he did not want to go.  He gets there and realizes that school is not as bad as he remembered, or thought, or maybe told.  Whatever the case, Trevor now likes school.  The illustrations are colorful.  Trevor has big blue eyes and looks much younger on the inside pages than on the cover.

On the cover, Trevor looks angry and defiant.  Inside the pages, Trevor looks sleepy and grumpy, but his spirits and outward appearance change nearly from the moment he takes his seat in class.  A child reluctant to go to school might have a change of heart after reading this story.  He might get the idea that school is not as bad as it seems.  He might even get that school can be fun.  What he won’t get is a real story.

For me, this is not a story.  It is a chronicle of a seven-year-olds typical day at school.  Trevor doesn’t want to go to school.  Mom solves that one.  He gets to class and other’s news cheers him up, learning to count makes him happy, getting assigned the water bottle was cool, and a great game at recess does wonders for an attitude.

The problem was Trevor not wanting to go to school.  Why did he not want to go?  I wanted more.  I wanted  a bully in his class, a crush on his teacher, anything to overcome and solve on his own.  I want a story, even in a 24-page picture book aimed at five to eight-year-olds.

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Do I Have to Go to School Today?

Author: Holli Snyder
Illustrator: Javier Duarte
Publisher: Mirror Publishing
Released: 2011
ISBN: 978-1-61225-098-4
Number of Pages: 24
Ages:  5+

A to Z Challenge Day 4: D


9 thoughts on “#112 – Do I Have to Go To School Today? by Holli Snyder

    • Yea, I mean Yes, this is a good theme for a teacher. It does highlight all that is fun about school.

      Thanks for hopping over. I clicked the link you left, so I should be seeing you shortly.


  1. SM: I’ve scrolled through your A to Z posts, and am thrilled that you’re highlighting all these wonderful children’s books. I’m almost 72, and I still enjoy them as much as I did when I read them to my children. I’d probably feel more upbeat these days if I read more of these books NOW. Thanks for stopping by my blog so I could come over here and meet you!!
    Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror & Other Memoirs


    • I had forgotten how much fun these books are to read. I recently learned how difficult they are to write, so when it is done well the book is a hoot. It is rare for a picture book to be anything but fun and make everyone smile. Sometimes I which I was keeping all these books, just to read again when I was feeling in the dumps.

      When my mom was 68 she went river rafting in Colorado and tipped out of the boat! She said she was fine, remembered what everyone was told to do, but had a hard time thinking hearing her husband going insane on the boat. At age 75 she swam with the dolphins. Reading kids books would have been fun also. She was an avid reader all her life. Just never stop, is what I think I started out to say. I am very happy you mad it to my little site. Thank for dropping in.


    • While I read it I kept think of what my nephew would have been saying. He would have wanted to know why Trevor didn’t want to go. What’s wrong with school? Even at four he would have notice there was no story. He is read to all the time and the kids just knows. I am sure others would too.

      I was taught beginning, middle, end, plot. The premise was good. Thanks for dropping by.


  2. HEY I don’t have to go to school today (I’m on spring break) 😉 I like the idea of the picture book but sounds like the events could’ve been described better. I’m not a huge fan of school. Even though I have a nice teacher and there are fun parts of school and I know it, I still don’t want to go.


    • Erik, you are a typical kid. I never wanted to go and I liked school. Who wants to get up at 7 AM on a cold day? I want to sleep in my warm bed? On a nice sunny day? I want to go out and play. School? Nope.


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