#92 – Terrible, Awful, Horrible Manners by Beth Bracken

5 Stars

Pete has terrible, awful, horrible manners.  He burps and he toots, and he picks his nose.  Mom and Dad are secretly horrified.  Okay, maybe not that secretly, but Pete, he just doesn’t care.  To him, good attention, bad attention, it’s all attention, and he loves attention.  Pete talks with his mouth full, never saying “thank you,” “please,” or “you’re welcome.”  He loves a good toot, especially when other people are around.  To Pete, it is nothing but good clean fun.  Dinner is the best time to give everyone he loves a show.  He burps, he toots, he picks his nose, and food flies out of his mouth until mom and dad finally have had enough of Pete’s terrible, awful, horrible manners.

LOVE this book.  Rotten manners have never been so funny for the younger set.  Pete is, dare I say, a cute monkey who has the most delightful expressions when he toots.  The illustration of Pete with his mouth full cracked me up—and I hate it when someone talks with her mouth full.  The best part of the story is when Pete’s parents finally decide to set Pete straight.

I envy the kids who will have this read to them by their parents.  The readers who act out what they read will have so much fun cracking up their kids.  Terrible, Awful, Horrible Manners is one of those books kids will want to read over, and over, and over again, and again.  No fear parents, this is one book you will enjoy reading over, and over, and over again, and again.

Terrible, Awful, Horrible Manners

Author: Beth Bracken
Illustrator: Richard Watson
Publisher: Picture Window Books  (Capstone)
Publication Date:  February 1,2012
Number of Pages: 34
ISBN: 978-1-4048-7819-0

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