Picture Book Idea Month 2011

Picture Book Idea Month 2011

Picture Book Idea Month begins today.  The idea of PiBoIdMo is to come up with one picture book idea each day of November.   Prizes will be awarded.  Plus, on December first, you’ll have 30 picture book ideas, more than enough ideas to keep a children’s writer writing all of 2012.    Interested?  Click the title link above and sign-up.  Hurry!  Sign-up is on November 1, 2 and 3 only.

Hey!  Where is my book?

I have been gone for a while as you can note by the date of the last review.  It is time to get back to business.  I apologize to anyone who is waiting for their book to be reviewed.  All books waiting to be reviewed prior to my needing to take a leave will be reviewed as soon as possible.  No title will be over looked.  Here are the next four books to be reviewed:

  • My Hare Line (trio) by Patsy M. Henry
  • The Lemonman  by Natasha Ferrill
  • My Friend Abe Lincoln  by Robert L. Bloch
  • Just Fine the Way They Are  by Connie Nordhielm Wooldridge
There are many others on the way to Kid Lit, so if you do not see your book keep looking it will be here soon.  Don’t forget to check out Tweens and Teens Books.  Often, a book reviewed here will also be right for Tweens and Teens.  Which site the book shows up first really depends on the number of books received for each site.
Check back tomorrow for My Hare Line,  My Hare Line Meets the Brown Rabbit and My Hare Line and the Dead Pinetree  by Parst M. Henry.  Three tales about Ms. Henry’s pet rabbits.  See you then!

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