#44 – Cat Versus Human by Yasmine Surovec


Yasmine Surovec started a blog called Cat Versus Human as a “source of entertainment” and to relief stress caused by her other ventures in fashion and design.  This simple cartoon blog has morphed into a book filled with humorous bits about cats and the cat lady who loves them.

It is difficult to describe these cartoons and do them justice.  One must see them, and many have, at her blog of the same name.  The frames are testaments to a life filled with felines.  Ms. Surovec must be a long-time cat aficionado to know these creatures as intimately as her drawings suggest.  She may even be inflicted with the dreaded and incurable disease felinitis (caused by cats getting under your skin and into your heart).

This is a typical scene, especially if there is more than one cat.  Throw a dog into the mix and the couch looks like a great option.  Frames like this get at the heart of being owned by cats.  Many of the frames are sarcastic exaggerations of the feline life.  All of them are funny.

If you have a cat in your home, know a cat, or have seen a cat, these cartoon frames will bring back memories.  Most look like kittens: sweet, affectionate, crazy, and all consuming.  Few of the felines are standoffish. Cat Versus Human will make a great gift for anyone who is loved by cats.  I suspect once Ms. Surovec gets 365 frames finished there will be a desk calendar.  That would be a daily joy.  Until that happens, pre-order Cat Versus Human at the author’s blog.

Note:  received from netgaley, courtesy of the publisher, Andrews McMeel Publishing



6 thoughts on “#44 – Cat Versus Human by Yasmine Surovec

  1. Excellent post. I was checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed! Very helpful info specifically the last part 🙂


  2. Yes, must have calender, lithographs, book, tshirts and etc. I’m an original follower of Yas’ blog and completely agree that everyone needs one of these! 😀


    • So you’re a real big fan of Cat v. Human? This book was my introduction to the site. I think it is great how Yasminne captures the essence of the feline relationship. Don’t you?


  3. I affectionately refer to my own cat, Pinot, as “The Wolverine” from time to time. I know exactly what these cartoons are describing in a human-cat relationship! She can go from cooing and purring to in a moment’s notice, breaking into a full on sprint toward a ficticious object leaving a small path of destruction behind her (scattered rugs, pillows and blankets). They’re nuts, but for some reason we love them!


    • Nuts is right. When I take my Theo out for a walk he loves to go to a rock at the corner. He rubs his scent all over each and every time. He gets so involved in what he is doing all else fades away. One day he started to slide, but kept on rubbing his face to the rock, until . . . oops! He somersaulted right off the rock. I’ve seen cats mark territory but never like this. Nuts!


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