#34 – Wild Rose’s Weaving by Ginger Churchill


In Wild Rose’s Weaving Grandma wants to teach Wild Rose how to weave on a loom.  Wild Rose has other things she wants to do.  Grandma wants to show Wild Rose how to “warp the loom,” work the sticks and the back and forth, in and out, of weaving but Wild Rose has so many better things to do than learn how to weave.  Outside a storm began and by the time that storm ended and Wild Rose had played her day away, Grandma had finished the rug she was weaving without her granddaughter.

Wild Rose looks at the finished rug and wonders how grandma put so much into it.  Wild Rose saw life in the rug and felt peace just looking at it and now wanted to know how grandma had woven the rug, apparently to life.  Grandma compares her day with that of Wild Rose’s day outdoors and the rain shower.  Now Wild Rose wants to learn to weave but grandma is now busy.   She will teach Wild Rose how to weave tomorrow but right now, Grandma wants Wild Rose to dance with her in the rainbow.

Anyone who has ever tried teaching a busy child a new thing will commiserate with Grandma.  If you love to weave, you will like this story even more.  This is a simple story of differing needs and passing on a heritage.  The illustrations are in pastels and convey a feeling of warmth.  Rose is a typical child with a good imagination and too many things to do.  Little girls will love reading this story at bedtime with mom.

Note: received from netgalley, courtesy of the publisher

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