#24 – Vampire School Casketball Capers by Peter Bently

4 Stars 

Vampire School Casketball Capers is about Lee Price and his interesting day.

First, there is school at St. Orlok’s Elementary. Ms. Gargoyle is Lee’s teacher and he likes her very much. She teaches them all the things they need to know so they can grow up to be all they are suppose to become. Then, after school, or is it during school, (that was a bit confusing), is the big basketball game to determine the Junior Interschool Series.

Lee and his friends Billy Pratt and Bella Williams are equally excited, especially when the opponents from Chaney Street Elementary arrive for the game. There is a player that cheats whenever possible and a referee with occasional vision problems. It is going to take some special skills (and maybe a little extra help from a new friend), if Lee’s team is going to win.

There are one or two things you should know about Lee, his friends, his school, his teacher and the opponents – none are human. True. Lee and his friends are young vampires who wake up at 8PM each evening for school. Lee wakes up to the moon, drinks his bloody orange juice and says good-bye to Dad, who is off to work.

Lee’s school, St. Orlok’s Elementary, is a school just for young vampires. Mrs. Gargoyle teaches things such as learning how to turn into a (vampire) bat – POP! And back into a vampire boy or girl – POP! The kids learn how to swish their caps properly, stare scarily, cool without garlic and other vampire must-knows.

You also need to know that the game is not basketball it is casketball, as in get the ball in the casket. The Chaney Street Elementary School is a school for werewolves. Werewolves do not play casketball very well. How could they? It’s casketball not wolfball or nightball or even basketball.

But . . . this year they have a ringer and he cheats. The referee, Mr. Tut, doesn’t see the cheating when his eyes get covered with his head covering and Lee must figure out how to keep this from happening.

This is an inventive middle grade book originally from England. There is excitement, odd characters, lots of laughs and an equal number of groans. The black anf white line drawings are really cool, even on a Kindle. I enjoyed this very much despite not liking basketball (boring), or vampires (the biting), or werewolves (the howling).

For anyone who does like basketball, vampires and werewolves, this is exactly the book for you (actually, it’s a series). This is good fun and can be read in one sitting. I recommend reading at night – for the atmosphere.

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